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What is branfunction?

Branfunction emphasizes improving proper biomechanics by training the Central Nervous System (CNS) to engage the proper muscles in the most efficient way when performing functional tasks, without making a conscious effort. 

The more function and control you have over your body, the easier it will be to achieve the form you want. The most efficient way to build muscle and lose weight is by knowing how to engage and use the specific muscles in the intended area, without improper technique or compensation from other areas.​ That is where I come in!

The only way to fully optimize the body to maximize performance and prevent injuries, is to engage and initiate every movement from the core.​

Branfunction combines core initiation with functional movements to create exercises and programs to unlock everyone's full potential.

Central Nervous System Training

Who I am

My name is Brandon Childs. I'm an athlete from Los Angeles, CA with a passion for health and wellness. I have over a decade of experience working with all populations including young athletes, pregnant women, body builders, 80+, and those with various neurological disorders. My passion and skills continue to grow, as I use my experience with everyone I work with to expand my knowledge of how the body works, in order to bring out everyone's full functional potential.

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