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GRoup Training

Looking to improve your strength, mobility, and central nervous system? Join my group training class designed to help you enhance your core strength, increase your flexibility and improve your neuroplasticity. I will guide you through a dynamic series of exercises and movements that will boost your overall physical and mental performance. Whether you're an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or just someone looking to enhance their overall well-being, my program is perfect for you. Join today and experience the benefits of a stronger, more mobile, and more resilient body and mind!

Sunday / Wednesday / Friday 

6-7 am / 7-8 am / 8-9 am

Rooftop parking structure of

4447 Redondo Beach Blvd Lawndale CA

Parking is available downstairs or on the east side of the lot of where we will be.

Please fill out the waiver prior to your first time.

Mats are provided but personal mats are encouraged.

Outdoor fitness class

Training in Red. Park in Green.

Book your spot!

Use coupon Code "Early15" for $15 off!

*Valid for single session.

Join us on mobile!

Download the Fit by Wix app and join “Branfunction” to easily stay updated on the go.

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