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5 day adaptive mobility initiative

A 5 day program/challenge designed to encourage individuals with paralysis to safely & properly unlock restrictions in their body in order to optimize health, function, and recovery.


Presented by Brandon Childs, neuro-functional movement & recovery specialist

Combining over a decade of movement & neuro-rehab experience, I created this program to help people with paralysis unlock the most common restrictions in their bodies in order to improve their mobility and quality of life.

In 5 days you will learn

Neck Mobility

How to improve active range of motion in the neck to improve posture as well as upper back & shoulder engagement.

Shoulder Mobility

How to unlock the shoulders in order to improve arm function, range of motion and upper back engagement.

Trunk Mobility

How to unlock the spine in order to improve core engagement and circulation.

Hip Mobility

How to reduce hip tightness from prolonged sitting in order to improve total body function and control.

And A Total Body Mobility Routine Combining All Of The Above

I want to take the initiative for my health and physical well-being!

Thanks for submitting!

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